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Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Chris L. 5 stars 07/29/2015 9:32PM I had the privilege to work as a nurses aid from 1985 to 1987. (3-11 shift) I was newly married and just moved to Florida . I met so many wonderful people while working there. Many of the nurses had a positive impact in my life as well as the children I cared for. I am in my last year of nursing school and hope to work in pediatrics after I graduate. My heart and life were forever changed while working at the Florida Elks Children's Hospital.

Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Hilda S. 5 stars 04/16/2015 9:22PM I remember being a patient there around 96-97. It was awesome. It was my home away from home.

Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Kimberly J. 5 stars 06/04/2013 9:39AM Hello,I was a patient many years ago,I now need my records from I think in 1985. Are you still open and would this be possible.Reply on here if you can I dont really use my email.

Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Cindy R. 5 stars 10/17/2012 12:54PM I spent alot of time in this hospital in the early 80's. It started out being for kyphosis, lordosis and scoiliosis but I also had problems with my legs they would swell up for no reason. I didn't like being away from my family but the staff made it so much more bearable and fun. I remember getting help so I'd stay up on my school work as well as having time to do arts and crafts I still have a turtle bank that I painted there and everytime I look at it I remember. I wore a back brace for most of my high school years but once I graduated I was able to join the Air Force. I remember how the drs would come in once a week to check on us and going to the pool for therapy. I remember the chewable vitamins at meals. Though it was a hard time as a child I have fond memories I don't recall names of anyone unfortunately but I do know there were so many who cared and loved the patients as though they were their own children. I'm so thankful for what the Elks did for me because there is no way my parents could have afforded the treatments I needed.

Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Kelly M. 5 stars 09/24/2012 11:52PM As a child I stayed at Elks children hospital for about a
1 month i remember it like it was yesterday. I had a very good time there and all the nurses and staff were very good to me and my family when they came to visit me there. There are so many good things that I can say about the Elks they are so greatly appreciated by me and my family. The way they took care of me and helped my parents be able to afford a major back surgery that i had to have when I was only 12 years old for severe scoliosis. It was truly an amazing place, I myself had a favorite nurse there who was the best but all the nurses there where so wonderful to me and all the other children that were there as i remember the first night I was there they had set the cafiteria up like a fair kinda we could play all sorts of games and when amazing prizes,like barbie stuff, dolls,board games, and so much more. I was very scared at first beeing only 12 and away from my parents and family for 1month,but my first night they made me feel so comfortable and i loved it they made you feel like you were very special and no matter what they were always there to help you with a full recovery.Back then there facility was amazing with all the things they did with the kids and for the kids,big game room,movie room,just all kinds of activities for all of us to enjoy it was great and if any of my children ever had to go through any major surgeries I would defently want them to be at Elks children hospital. Im now almost 37 years old and I just want to say thank you Elks for all that you have done for me and thank you to all the staff and doctors and nurses who were there for me and the other children when I was there. And Im very sure that they still have wonderful staff,doctors,nurses, just like they did 24 years ago. Thank You All Elks!!!!

Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Dee Kottal 5 stars 09/24/2012 6:23PM When my chicldren first went to the Harry-Anna Hospital in Umatilla Florida it was in the 70's, they spent many years as Orthopaedic patients at HA. The Hosp. had been condemned by the City as it had been the home of Harry and Anna Miller when they began taking in children for Medical Care,the Elks moved the children to Eustis Fl and rented a empty Nursing home until the New Harry Anna Hospital was being constructed,that is the time my 5 yr old went to HA.he was placed in a room with his older brother and both my children were gone from home,It was a very difficult time, I drove to HA every Sunday to spent a few hrs with them and back to south Orlando to wait for the next Sunday.They had surgery at ORMC in Orlando, after a few days of recovery Mr Ray from HA would pick them up in the medical van @bring them to HA in Eustis. My sons spent more thatn 16 years in Harry Anna, recieving Physical Therapy from Mrs Blake and being care for by the nurses and the every Thursday visits from the Orlando Orthopaedic surgeons on doctors day.They are both in their 40's now and still require medical care but I don't know where they would be with the Florida Elks and theri kindness. They loved Christmas at HA all the state Elks clubs would donate gifts from each lodge and boy they couldn't wait for the holidays. We recently took a drive to Umatilla ,HA is now closed.Both my sons went, they burst into tears as we drove to the front of the hospital, alot of memories in that place.I also had memories in my heart, I became a Nurse and went to school because of the generosity and kindness I was shown. Thank You Florida Elks on behalf of Kerry and Kevin Kottal and Mom Dee Kottal

Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Tabitha 5 stars 04/01/2012 1:37AM I worked there about 19 years ago. I would love to connect with co-workers or patients that were there at that time. This place has played a huge roll in my life, and I know many, many others. I still have my uniform shirt, embroidered with my name on it. One is teal and one is pink. Does anyone remember those days? I still have all the handmade gifts that the children would make me in the arts and crafts classes. Ashley.. where are you? I hope life has treated you well.. you were always my favorite. I will never forget this place.. what they provided for these children was above and beyond. I still remember the hats the nurses had to wear. A sense of pride there.

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Reply by Amy on 2012-09-10 16:28:15

Hi Tabitha, I have thought of you often over the years and I remember those shirts very well. they were a nice change from the all white all the time. Where are you now?

Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Frances C. 5 stars 03/12/2012 10:58AM Could you tell me if this Childrens Hospital goes as far back as the 1930's? I had a Brother who was burned pretty bad and now deceased he was about 3yrs old at the time which would mean about 1935 and I'm his youngest Sister and would appreciate any information you can give to me or tell me where I should go to find out this information about him will tell you our Family was not a close one as some are and I reget that so much and I've only heard the stories about him being burned,. I would appreciate any help regarding this matter this fire had something to do with workers on the road? Your help is very much appreciated.

Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Dan H. 5 stars 02/20/2012 9:46PM Hello,, We would like to make a couple memorial contributions. Could you give me the info needed to get it to you ?

thax, Dan

Comment on Florida Elks Childrens Hospital - Umatilla, FL written by: Steve B. 5 stars 08/10/2011 8:42PM as a child, i spent alot of times at this hospital as a patience. i had an lawnmower injury to my foot and i guess i've been in this hospital at least a dozen times or more while i was a child. i remember spending christmas here on several occasions, and as bad as hated not being home at those times, i couldnt think of a better place to be other then home. i remember also having to go to school that they had there. if i was confined to a bed they would roll me and the bed to class. remember how good and nice all the nurses and employees were to myself and all the other children that they cared for. after all these years, which was in the late fifties and early sixties, over fifty years, i will never forget the wonderful people that made my stay there to be as comfortable as possible, for such a young child to be away from his family. a truly great place to be for medical attention and caring that everyone gave to me.

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