New Baby

New BabyCongratulations! New Baby Flower Bouquets & Arrangements A new baby arrives, and with it comes excitement and joy. When a precious little one is born, it’s hard not to rejoice and celebrate the new life. It’s natural to also extend congratulations to the new parents as well. A bouquet is a great way to do all three: rejoice, celebrate, and extend well wishes on the birth of a new baby. Flowers are vibrant and cheerful and can contribute to the air of happiness in the hospital, in the nursery room at home, or in one’s house in general. At Avas Flowers, we have an assortment of new baby floral arrangements and other gifts. Our premium flowers are easy to order, and courtesy of our affiliation with local florists across the country, we can provide delivery nationwide. When celebrating the birth of a new baby, flower arrangements are a popular choice. The key to giving a floral gift is to select one that is not only attractive but one that has been purchased with thought and care. At Avas Flowers, we make it easy for you to make a thoughtful decision by offering some of the most attractive floral arrangements to give in celebration of a new baby. While you’ll find plenty of choices when it comes to ordering a floral baby bouquet, you’ll also find that we offer balloon bouquets, balloon and flower arrangements and other arrangements as well. The birth of a baby isn’t the only occasion that warrants the gift of a baby bouquet, however. Congratulations are also in order when parents who are adopting bring home their new baby. Flowers are just as relevant and appreciated regardless of whether the baby is a newborn or several months old. When browsing our selection of flowers, balloon arrangements, and other gifts for new babies, you’ll find that you are faced with several choices. When choosing a gift for a baby, some people gravitate toward specific colors for girls and boys. On this page, you’ll find flowers and gift baskets in shades of pink for baby girls as well as blue gifts and flowers for new baby boys. Other people choose to select gender-neutral colors for their nurseries and baby items and use colors such as yellow, light green, or orange. This is also an option when ordering a bouquet of flowers or balloons, as our selection of flowers, colors, and arrangements are diverse. Avas Flowers is the perfect choice when it comes to choosing the right flowers for the birth of a new baby. As an online florist, we are able to offer you an assortment of quality baby flower arrangements. When you buy from us, we can even arrange same-day flower delivery on eligible orders. We also offer excellent customer service to all of our customers. If you have any questions on how to send flowers or about any of our available arrangements or gifts for babies, simply contact us. We are available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also fill out our online contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

Tranquility and Grace
Tranquility and Grace Our Tranquility and Grace Bouquet is an exquisite blend of cool colors sure to bring your recipient a calming, soothing vibe. Comprised of gorgeous green Hydrangea complemented by blue Delphinium and Lavender Aster, it's a lovely choice for anyone for any occasion! Deluxe Arrangement depicted in photo above. Butterfly only available in select regions and may not be included. $49.99 5 stars (5.00)

Sisterly Love Lilies
Sisterly Love Lilies Our Sisterly Love Lilies are perfect for a sister or friend as close as one! Adorable yellow Peruvian lilies represent the little sisters, while larger pink asiatic lilies represent big sisters! Deluxe Arrangement depicted in photo above. $44.99 4 stars (4.00)

Parc Floral de Paris
Parc Floral de Paris This arrangement is one of a kind, and reminiscent of a Parisian Flower Garden. A refined, and beautiful palette of rich colors blend together in a sleek white vase. Perfect for a recipient with a taste for culture and elegance! Deluxe Arrangement depicted in photo. $59.99 4 stars (4.80)

A Walk in the Clouds
A Walk in the Clouds This gentle blend of pastels is presented beautifully in a cube vase... your recipient will delight at the trichromatic blend of pastel colors! $49.99 4 stars (4.88)

Whimsical Pastel Basket
Whimsical Pastel Basket This beautifully colored floral handled basket is the perfect way to show her how much she means to you. Fresh from nature, she'll love the feminine array of colors and you'll love the smile on her face. Bird not included in arrangement. $54.99 4 stars (4.50)

Lemon Lime Basket
Lemon Lime Basket Adorable and refreshing. Our Lemon Lime Citrus Basket is a uniquely presented in a wooden handled basket adorned with a yellow ribbon. Bright yellow daisy's and mint green carnations are peppered with green button mums. Perfect for a new mom, a birthday, or just because your recipient loves yellow and green! Bird not included. $44.99 5 stars (5.00)

Bright Sunlight
Bright Sunlight Like a burst of sunshine, this bright yellow bouquet is sure to brighten up your recipient's day. Perfect for a number of occasions, or just because! Deluxe arrangement depicted in photo. $44.99 4 stars (4.50)

Gardens of Cambridge
Gardens of Cambridge This bouquet boasts unrivaled sophisticated elegance. Beautiful blue hydrangea, blended with lavender monte casino aster, mint green carnations and bold white lilies. A graceful, cultured arrangement perfect for someone with class and taste in your life. Deluxe arrangement depicted in photo above. $52.99 5 stars (5.00)

My Sun, Moon and Stars
My Sun, Moon and Stars This unique arrangement represents the beauty of of the sky. Yellow roses and white lilies are set against a backdrop of purple monte casino and blue delphinium. What better arrangement to present to someone to show them you're always thinking of them? Premium Arrangement depicted in photo above. $49.99 4 stars (4.88)

Queen of Versailles
Queen of Versailles This arrangement will evoke an aura of regality for your recipient it's decadent color scheme.  Hot pink and lavender roses in a bed of white alstroemeria and white monte casino come together in a bold, feminine statement. Deluxe Arrangement depicted in photo. $49.99 4 stars (4.90)